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經由屠殺、墓地之寒以及輓歌所獲得的每一點符能都會獲得 5 仇恨,這個仇恨值將會增加到所有把你列在仇恨列表上的怪物
其他經由正常管道所獲得的符能並不會獲得額外的仇恨值,例如屠殺每五秒獲得 2 點 RP 並不會增加玩家仇恨,但殺死怪物所獲得的符能會增加額外仇恨(5 per RP)

Power gains
Runic Power gained from Butchery, Chill of the Grave and Dirge generates 5 threat per point of RP gained. This threat is divided between all mobs who have you on their threat list.
RP gained from normal use of rune abilities generates no threat, neither does passive RP gains from Butchery.


1. 死亡契約
墮落十字軍目前所造成的仇恨還未受到領域加成影響,或許是個 bug

Threat from DK heal effects is all over the place right now. Self healing from Blood Presence generates no threat, so don't count on Blood tanks getting an edge on threat. Some on-demand heals » generate threat (Death Pact), others don't (Rune Tap). Fallen Crusader not being affected by presences is probably a bug.


血蟲有他們自己的仇恨,雖然他們所造成的傷害很低,但是他們會 aggro 目標,同時也會殺死目標

Bloodworms generate threat for themselves from the damage they deal. Their damage is really low, but they will aggro and get killed if you let them attack a target that you haven't built threat on. » Their healing on the other hand generates no threat for themselves, so they will not aggro an add that they are not attacking.


I'm still not clear exactly how Anti-Magic Shell threat is calculated. It definitely seems to be based on the standard RP gain rule, but always ends up being a tiny bit above that by different amounts. If > you can figure it out please let me know.




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